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New House Cleaning

Cleaning service before intake

Cleaning service before and after renovation, moving in, pest control, sterilization etc. Our employees come with vast experience and professional knowledge.



Before cleaning 

After cleaning



Service Hours

2 Cleaning personnels


Overtime charges

4 hours 



$260(2 person)     

(Additonal $160 per hour for overtime, 2 personnels)

(Additional $100 for cleaning utensils, additional $60 for vacuum cleaner)     


Household cleaning utensils:

Utensils: 6-8 towels, scouring pad etc.

Tools: mop, vacuum cleaner, pail, glass scrub (for glass cleaning)

Detergent: Swipe, CIF, glass cleaner, bleach, varnish     


** Separate quotation is needed for Hong Kong island, New Territories, and places beyond the MTR stations.

We cannot guarantee finishing on time as the time of cleaning depends on the actual situation.

If the customer finds that there is damage due to our employees’ negligence, our company provides a maximum compensation of HKD200.

   Please read the relative laws and regulations in detail prior to applying for our service.


Plastic floor cleaning








Floor waxing: $0.5-$1.1/foot      

Cleaning and waxing: $0.7-$1.5/foot      

Minimum expenses: $850 (separate quotation is need for an area above 1000 feet)     


Wooden floor cleaning

Floor waxing: $0.9-$1.4/foot







Gel waxing: $2.5-$3/foot